Bringing about a fine synthesis between modern technology and cultural traditions, The Sanskaar School lays special emphasis on outdoor-learning activities to ensure holistic development of all students.

As a part of extra-curricular activities, all students are taken on well-organized visits to monuments, museums, sanctuaries and national centres of scientific importance across the country. To encourage the students for participation in adventure activities, a variety of outward-bound schemes are aimed during the autumn break, winter break & summer vacations. Our staff provides personal, flexible support both before and during the trip. Every school trip is tailor-made, from accommodation and catering to activities.

With the aim to cultivate new skills in a unique environment, we intend to bring a change in perspective, broadening the horizons and growing aspirations of each Sanskaarian.

*The participation in the adventure activities will be permissible to the students mainly from 6th standard onwards.